Business Development & Strategy

We strive to achieve excellence for your company


We help our clients promote and develop local and international businesses, identifying new opportunities and developing proposals and solutions by maximizing existing commercial platforms.
This process provides an impact that has a positive result on the company, detecting needs and establishing possible synergies and strategic alliances.


Our wide range of services and support at planning-level, help our clients develop robust, scenario-based strategies that, in the long run, accelerate their transformation into high-performance businesses.
In addition, given our ability to generate relationships, we also offer permanent strategic stakeholder management and support in negotiations, beyond the one-off operations for which we are hired.



Professionals trained to lead projects and work teams based on the development of management skills and techniques. As Project Managers, we align the current needs of companies with project management: we minimize risks, create business opportunities and achieve planned goals. We also offer strategy formulation and leadership services in the execution of highly complex negotiation processes.


We assist our clients, in the design, development and execution of business plans aimed at the implementation of new strategies and / or business models. We provide a highly professional, objective and independent perspective that will allow you to clarify the potential of the opportunities evaluated and develop your business proposal to a point where you will be ready to present to a bank or potential investor.